Looking At The Top 5 Protein Sources For Vegans

Getting protein is a critical part of staying healthy on a vegan diet. While meat, eggs, and milk might be the most well known for providing protein, the good news is that there are many different vegan-friendly foods that are very high in protein, and many of these can be found in a vegan subscription box.

#1: Nuts
Nuts are renowned for being high in protein and very tasty, too. There’s a surprising variety of flavors as anyone who has eaten peanuts, almonds, cashews, and macadamia nuts can attest to. The only potential downside? You want to find ones that are unsalted or unflavored, and they are very calorie dense. Great for survival situations, but the calories can add up fast if you just start snacking.

#2: Quinoa
This super food seems to be everywhere, and with good reason. Although commonly thought of as a grain because of its texture and common cooking uses, these are actually seeds. This is a very versatile food that can be used in a variety of ways and can be used as a supplemental ingredient to add protein and some nutty flavor to a dish.

#3: Tofu
Tofu is a main staple in many vegan dishes and is one of the more versatile foods that can really be seasoned to take on a variety of different flavors. Also a solid source of protein.

#4: Green Peas
Most legumes are a good source of protein but green peas stand out as a “true vegetable” in taste and texture that actually add quite a bit of protein to the mix. One cup of peas has almost as much protein as a cup of milk, making them a winner.

#5: Beans
Finally you want to make sure to include beans in any vegan diet. Whether black beans, chili, red, or white, they all contain a solid amount of protein (and usually plenty of iron) to keep muscles healthy and strong.

What About Supplements?

The other source that we have not mentioned here are supplements.

These can be very convenient, however there are many too choose from. This article is recommended: Best Vegan Protein Powders – theveganlife.com