The Benefits of Protein Powders

protein powderIt seems like everyone working out these days is doing so with the support of proteins in some form or other. A trip around the grocery store will introduce you to protein rich bars, snacks, shakes and even cereals; from nuts, soy, whey or meat proteins seem important to working out.

Any nutritionist will tell you the best sources of proteins are solid foods. But any health and fitness enthusiast balancing their physical conditions against the hectic modern lifestyle could tell you: It’s not always easy to cook full meals more than once a day, if even.

That’s where protein powders come into play. But wait? What’s so important about protein again?

Protein is an essential building block the body uses in the creation of muscles. Proteins are an important ingredient use in the manufacturing of nucleic acids, cellular communications, hormones, enzymes and even elements of the immune system.

A fitness enthusiast with a protein deficient diet will soon find they lack the strength, energy and even sufficient health to maintain their physical conditions let alone improve on them. Attempting to exercise without sufficient proteins in the diet can lead to over-trained muscles that often result in debilitating muscle injuries.

The moments after a strenuous physical workout is the most important time to replenish your bodies protein store. This is because your muscles need proteins to repair your muscles. Having a quick supply on hand is essential to optimal muscle nutrition.

The only problem, proteins in solid forms can take a very long time to reach the muscle groups that are working to repair themselves. On the other hand, a protein powder in a shake form, for example, can resupply muscles with essential proteins in just under half an hour.

So what are the benefits of protein powder? All the essential advantages of protein in a convenient form that can be enjoyed anytime anywhere.