What Exactly Are Monthly Subscription Boxes?

subscription boxThere are all kinds of monthly subscription boxes out on the market. These boxes consist of all kinds of different things ranging from fragrances, to food, to anything else that you can think of. The subscription box trend actually began in 2010 with the launch of Birchbox which is a monthly beauty sample subscription service. In this article, we will be going over some more information about these kinds of subscriptions and we will discuss why they are so popular.

Why Are Subscription Boxes So Popular?

These kinds of subscription boxes are so popular because they provide a couple of things including value, mystery, and curation. Because these boxes are typically going to be providing customers with more value than they would ever be able to get without them, they are something that look appealing to prospective customers as they feel as if they are getting more than what they pay for. It can make you feel as though you hit the jackpot with every box that arrives to your home.

Also, they are full of mystery because you are effectively paying for the subscription rather than the actual products. Because of this, a lot of people become addicted to the thrill of opening a new box each and every month. The same can not be said if you were to pick out the products yourself. These boxes will allow you to find and try new products you may never have given a shot.

Lastly, it provide a good amount of curation that can really be attractive to potential customers. The boxes and monthly offers typically have some sort of connection with each item and they usually have a card detailing each and every item in the box which can help create more of a connection to the product(s) themselves.